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Vision & Values

Appleton Roebuck Primary School 



To be recognised as a strong academic and creative school with an excellent pastoral reputation sitting at the heart of the community, collectively led by an ambitious and effective leadership team.


Mission statement

Provide a first class education in partnership with families and the community by

  • Providing a caring, safe and happy environment

  • Inspiring a love of learning 

  • Unlocking the potential of ALL our children whilst recognising the uniqueness of individual learners

  • Instilling a passionate commitment to learning and nurturing resilient,  independent knowledge-seekers

  • Guiding learners to grow into tolerant and respectful citizens of one world.


(This meets with Article 6 - the Rights of the Child)



Grow together, Achieve Together  


Core Values 


Our provision for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the centre of all we do. 

Our five key values are: wisdom, love, courage, kindness, and gratitude.

  • Through our value of wisdom we aim to encourage our children to make the right choices in life

  • Through our value of love, we strive to inspire the children to love themselves, love one another and love learning 

  • Through our value of courage we hope to guide our children to seek challenges with strength and determination

  • Through our value of kindness we hope to guide our children to behave in ways that makes them a true friend to others

  • Through our value of gratitude we aim to develop positive thinkers who value the good things they have


Last reviewed by all stakeholders in Autumn 2020