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How will you assess my child's progress?

Teaching Staff at Appleton Roebuck will constantly be assessing your child's learning alongside them. This may take the form of day to day observations and questioning or a more formal task at the end of a unit of learning. Assessment is vital to learning however we believe it should not be a stressful experience for either pupils or parents. In line with National Expectations, we do not use levels in our judgements any more.  We talk about pupils being emerging, expected or exceeding in their year group skills.


How will I be told about my child's progress?

You will find out about your child's progress during the Autumn and Spring “Parent-Teacher’ meetings, and you will also receive a short progress report each Autumn and Spring.  Here you will be able to see information about the progress your child has made as well as their attendance data, any interventions, and targets for the next term.  At the end of the summer term, you will be given a detailed report on your child’s progress.  If you have questions about your child’s progress at any time in between, please do not hesitate to speak with the class teacher or send us a message in the planner so that we can arrange a time to meet.