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Early Birds & Night Owls (Wrap around Care)

How does the Wrap Around Care work? What are the sessions? What is the cost?

The costs are as below:

If your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium and you would like to book sessions, please speak to Claire Sykes (Wellbeing Lead) for details of support possible.


Fees - Early Birds

Regular bookings

· 7.30am to 8.30am = £3 per session (*Arrival between 7.30 and 8.15am to include breakfast) 


 If you arrive after 8.15am, the charge will remain the same but unfortunately, no food will be available. Breakfast will be served between 7.30 and 8.15am each day.


Fees - Night Owls

Regular bookings

· 3.15 to 4.30pm = £4.25 per session (*Collection at 4.30pm)


· 3.15 to 6pm = £8.50 per session (**Collection at 6pm)


Coming to Night Owls following a school Enrichment Club (eg, Football) - 4.30pm - 6.00pm

= £5.60 per session (MUST have ADVANCE notice in writing please). 


If you are late for your pre -booked pick up time, the staff will hold on to your children but there will be a nominal charge if this becomes regular or protracted as we would have to pay overtime to staff.


How do you pay for this?

Payments will be added to Parent Pay Monthly. 


You will also be able to use Childcare vouchers. Appleton Roebuck School is now registered with the following Voucher schemes:











How will you run the Wrap Around Care with the Covid restrictions in place?

In terms of Covid guidance, we will run the Wrap Around as if it were school. Children will be in regular bubbles and have high levels of hygiene. Set times for collection will help us enormously - 4.30pm and 6.00pm each day. Distancing will be maintained where possible and appropriate. Where not possible, hygiene will be key and in some cases, staff may need to wear appropriate PPE to manage situations. (eg, dealing with poorly or soiled children). The rooms / facilities used for this care will have received a day clean prior to the start of the session - this is in addition to the daily cleaning that is done as a regular service. All staff will be following the school risk assessment which is in line with Government guidance and has been passed through the Trustees of the MAT.



So what do I do if I would like to book places for my child / children?

Please contact our Wellbeing / Pastoral Lead, Claire Sykes via email: to enquire or book a place. 




Please note that a half terms notice must be given in writing to our Pastoral / Wellbeing Lead Claire Sykes should you wish to discontinue your place. Payment for the half term up to the termination date must be paid.



Where will the club take place?

The club is going to be run from the Main School building.


Arrival to Early Birds is Via the Front Entrance of School - there is a bell to ring within the first door. 


Collection from Night Owls will be via the new gates at the side of the Conservatory to the left of the main entrance - entry to this will be through what was the school car park. This is a pedestrian zone. This will mean that the main entrance will not be used for any Night Owls collections. 


Collection will only be at three times to ensure that staff are able to safeguard the children effectively. 4.30pm, 5.30pm or 6.00pm. Food will be served before 4.30pm, so it is crucial that this period of time is undisturbed to allow the staff to focus on supervision of the children whilst eating. Please note that if collecting at 5.30pm or 6.00pm the full session is payable.


At the end of your booked session, the staff will come to the gate with your child.


We understand that this is a change, but we want to be able to offer activities to the children that will engage them for a period of time. This will also enable staff to be outside doing activities on the field or in the play areas rather than having to listen for the bell ringing as families arrive at different times throughout the session. Staff can then have their full attention on the children. Should you need any different time in exceptional circumstances, this will need to be agreed with our Pastoral / Wellbeing Lead Claire Sykes, beforehand via  email:



I've never sent my child before...what will it be like for them?

Any child on our school roll can access our Wrap Around Care. If you find you are juggling and stretched at the start of the day, meaning that you or your child is often late, or you are unable to pick your child up at the end of the school day on a regular or one off basis, the Early Birds and Night Owls clubs could be the answer to this.


We provide a safe, secure and friendly environment for the children to have breakfast or a light tea in good company. They are able to play some games and engage in a range of fun and educational activities with an element of free choice. Children learn a whole range of skills from socialising with their peers to getting their homework done. Children need to behave themselves according to the usual school conduct. We want them to relax and have fun but we cannot accept poor behaviour choices.


Early Birds

Children have activities to do after eating a light breakfast. (Breakfast will not be served after 8.15am) The breakfast will be cereal, yogurt, fruit, toast etc. The children will have an element of choice and we organise the occasional hot treat when we can. Activities can include art, craft, story, construction, board games etc. The emphasis is on a calm and settled start to your child’s day. If children wish to do homework, we will have a space available for that.


 Night Owls

Children have access to activities after eating a light tea. This tea will be sandwiches, toast, malt loaf, fruit, etc — the sort of food you would find in a packed lunch. The children have an element of choice and may help to make their own if appropriate. We will also organise the occasional hot treat such as beans on toast or pizza when we can. Activities can include art, craft, story, construction, access to IT, forest schools activities, team games etc. We will also be well-equipped for our younger members who will be able to access high quality play provision. There are also opportunities in good weather to play outside in the extensive school grounds with a variety of equipment.

recommend that all children attending Night Owls bring waterproof coats and wellies.