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Why children love their Bug Club Pupil World:

Reason 1: Children earn coins for reading and spending them on rewards or seeing them stack up as they progress through the book bands is super-motivating for children.

Reason 2: Children have a private ‘working’ space where no one can see what they’re reading and what level they’re on which is important to children. If boys want to read about ballet or fairy tales they can, without feeling any stigma attached to their choice. And it works in the same way for girls too. Star Wars, anyone?

Reason 3: Children love the quizzes in Bug Club Independent and Bug Club Guided KS1 books because these quizzes test their knowledge and understanding of the books they read in a fun way.

Reason 4: In today’s world of avatars, emoticons and selfies, being able to personalise their pupil world is a draw for children. Adding their unique creative ‘layer’ to their world gives them a sense of ownership of their reading, at school and at home.

Reason 5: Every time children open an eBook that’s been allocated to them in their personalised world, it’s like unwrapping a brand new, fresh copy that’s been delivered direct to their ‘door’ just for them. No dog-eared, sellotaped, raggedy paper copy required tonight, Mum!