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Newsletter and Homework

Here is the newsletter for this term, along with a list of homework ideas for our topic - Cold-Blooded Encounters. You should do at least 2 of the homework tasks, including the first one and at least one other. Maybe you could think of your own idea?
We look forward to seeing what you have found out about these fascinating creatures, and sharing your work with the class.

Cold-Blooded Encounters

We have had a great time today, getting up close with some amazing cold-blooded creatures! We had a visit from Andy at 'Cold Blooded Encounters' who brought in a range of interesting animals to show us. The children listened very well and learned some fascinating facts, before asking great questions. We found out all about the animals, where they live, what they eat and how they catch their prey, before having a go at handling them!

Let's make some noise!

In Science this term we are learning about Sound and how we hear. The children have enjoyed being scientists and developing their own questions and investigations. We have learned that sound can be heard from all directions, and that louder sounds can be heard from further away. Some of the children suggested that having larger ears would help you to hear better, so we tested the idea. After making our own 'big ears' we wore them to listen to sounds of differing volumes.

Bringing the beat to life!

The topic was really brought to life for the children this week with the arrival of a special guest. Complete with cornet and stage uniform, Mr Smith answered the children's questions such as "How many different countries have you played in?" (we lost count at 13) and "What sort of competitions have you won?" (British Open Championship, UK National Championship and European Championship). We were lucky enough to hear Mr Smith play and he even let us have a go!

Beat Band Boogie

The BFG's have lost no time getting immersed in this half term's topic! We have designed and made our own percussion instruments. The children thought carefully about the filling of their instrument so that they had a high or low pitched shaker. Our instruments very much have a "carnival theme" and this is best represented with the bright colours the children chose to use. What do you think?

Getting To Know Each Other!

The first few days for the new BFG's was all about getting to know each other. We started the year off playing a team game with a difference - I'm sure you all heard about our marshmallow and spaghetti afternoon! I was amazed as I observed the children dive "head first" into this challenge, calling upon all the communication, listening, problem solving, stickability and perseverance skills they possess! Every team was successful and the room was filled with bright ideas, giggling and the occasional "Oh NO!"




Sports teams and clubs


We still have lots of unclaimed posters and wristbands in school following our sponsored event. These were handed out to the children but have then been left in classrooms. If you think your child should have a poster or wristband and hasn't brought it home, could you please put a message in their planner for the attention of Ms. Holmes or Miss Richardson. Thank you.


School Council

Young Leaders Award Morning

Well done to our Young Leaders! Today they completed their awards and received their certificates during our Young Leaders Coffee Morning. It was lovely to see so many parents and family members at the event and we were very honoured to have Rozy Brian, a representative of the Youth Trust, to come and present the certificates.



Superhero homework

Attached is the homework sheet for this half term's topic.
Please complete the highlighted task by Friday 29th September so we can share our heroes as a class.
Please also choose one other task, which is to be completed by Friday 13th October.
Thank you, Mrs Campbell.

Launching our Superheroes topic

On Tuesday 12th September, we launched our Superheroes topic by dressing as our favourite heroes. The children looked fantastic and completed many superhero challenges throughout the day! We are really excited for this topic as we discuss real-life heroes, write our own stories and design our own superhero.
The Gruffalos have worked incredibly hard this week and this is just the start of the term!

Becoming the Gruffalos!

In the first exciting week of Year 1, we became the Gruffalos. We talked about what it means to be a team, what year 1 would include and enjoyed some activities based around the Gruffalo story. The children made some masks of the main characters from the story and acted out the story in groups. We took our learning even further by using the orchard to create the Gruffalo cave from the Gruffalo's Child story. The children have been so enthusiastic about the story and have given the activities their all.


Deep Sea Diving

Borrowers were incredibly lucky to be visited by Mr. Hartley who fascinated us all with his knowledge of diving. The children had the opportunity to try on some of the diving equipment and learned how to talk underwater. They asked lots of thoughtful questions. Parents have also told me that their children shared the things that they'd learned. A huge thank you to Mr. Hartley for sharing his experiences with us.


A huge thank you to Mrs Shah-Evans for inviting the Borrowers to join her for Diwali celebrations.

The children had a brilliant morning making Diwali cards, tasting Indian food and making samosas. Quite a few children surprised themselves by eating and enjoying food that they hadn't tried before.

Thanks also to Mrs Thompson and Mrs Watson who assisted.

Blue Abyss

Please find attached the homework activities and newsletter for our new topic.

The compulsory piece of homework is marked by an asterisk. Children may choose any other two pieces. The homework can be completed and handed in in any order.

Homework is due in on Friday 10th November, Friday 24th November and Friday 8th December.

Grammar books and Maths books are to be handed in every Friday. The page to be completed is noted in the children's planners.

The Deep

The Borrowers had a fabulous time at the Deep yesterday exploring predatory marine animals. It was a great end to our Predator topic and the perfect introduction to our Blue Abyss topic.


After closely observing our favourite predator's skin, we made a fabric collage of it using tactile materials. Some of the cutting out was tricky but children all acted safely and sensibly with the scissors. We can't wait for you to see our creations at our Golden Moment on Thursday afternoon.

Bonjour ma famille!

This term in Borrowers we have been looking at how we'd address our family and friends in French. The children are developing beautiful accents and this morning they had the opportunity to use the computers to complete some French activities.


Appleton Roebuck Arts

LOLLIES Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our book review competition. The children enjoyed spending their £5 vouchers at the opening evening of our Book Fair.

Please do come along and support this fabulous cause. There are lots of books at discounted rates to choose from. The Book Fair is open from 3.15 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Wednesday 1st November and Thursday 2nd November in the school's Main Hall.

Money raised will be used to purchase books for our school library.