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Hungry Caterpillars


BOUNCE newsletter.

Our Topic for this half term is 'BOUNCE'. We will be investigating various different sports and thinking about the best ways to stay healthy. Here is our newsletter with more details. We hope you all enjoy having fun as you keep fit.

Food Fractions

Today the BFGs have been learning how to find fractions of whole shapes and of numbers.....using chocolate!
We were asked one at a time to choose a group, knowing that we would share the chocolate with the rest of the children in that group. We realised that with more children in a group we would get less chocolate but the denominator of the written fraction increases. Luckily each group ended up equal so we all earned one 7th of a bar. We then had to calculate how many segments one 7th would be. The reward for our hard work was yummy!!


The BFG Class Topic for Spring Term 2 will be Scrumdiddlyumptious, where we will be exploring, cooking and experimenting with all sorts of tasty, weird and amazing foods. Please find attached the terms homework tasks. These should be returned to school no later than Monday 19th March for us to share them with the class. Children should complete the highlighted task plus at least one other from the list. Have fun! We can't wait to hear about what you get up to!

York Castle Museum and Art Gallery - What a fun day!

We have all had a brilliant day in York. We had lots of fun investigating the Castle Museum and finding out about how homes, toys, clothes and cities have changed over the years. The children all looked at home in the prison cell but decided they would not like to spend the night in there!
We walked across the city looking for interesting features like gargoyles and fascinating historical buildings. We even spotted the smallest window in York. At the Art Gallery we investigated city landscapes in different works of art and had a go at creating our own.

Urban Pioneers

We have a very exciting topic lined up for this half term, including an adventure around York on 19th January. We will be looking at what makes our city great and how it has changed over the years as well as developing our skills in artwork and photography. Keep an eye on our blog for details about what we get up to!
I have attached our newsletter and homework. Please complete the highlighted task as well as one other activity and return your work/projects to school by 5th February at the latest. Above all, have fun being Urban Pioneers.

Our Apex Predators

As we come to the end of our topic on Cold-Blooded Encounters, the BFGs have been thinking about the creatures we have met and discovered, and what makes them effective predators. We have taken pictures of ourselves and added parts of our favourite predators to make the ultimate apex predator. Visit us for our Golden Moment this Friday (8th December) and you will see some amazingly weird and wonderful creatures...such as an Alexodile, or a Joeagle.




Sports teams and clubs


School Council

Young Leaders Award Morning

Well done to our Young Leaders! Today they completed their awards and received their certificates during our Young Leaders Coffee Morning. It was lovely to see so many parents and family members at the event and we were very honoured to have Rozy Brian, a representative of the Youth Trust, to come and present the certificates.



The great Gruffalo bake off

This week we have been looking at recipes in English and applying our knowledge of measurement from maths.
We have created our own recipe for ‘dinosaur egg nests’ and this afternoon we tested out our recipes to make sure we had included everything!
Not only have the children created a fantastic recipe, but were incredibly sensible and worked great in their teams to make the nests.
We even managed to get some of them to wash and dry the pots!
Well done Gruffalos, you are all star bakers.

Volcanic eruption!

The children have created some excellent homework for our dinosaur topic including masks, stories and even volcano models!
Today, we learnt how dinosaurs are thought to become extinct. The children loved watching clips of real volcanos exploding and the lava running down.
We took the volcano model outside so we could create our own eruption! There was quite a bit of excitement as the lava started to appear.

Superhero homework

Attached is the homework sheet for this half term's topic.
Please complete the highlighted task by Friday 29th September so we can share our heroes as a class.
Please also choose one other task, which is to be completed by Friday 13th October.
Thank you, Mrs Campbell.

Launching our Superheroes topic

On Tuesday 12th September, we launched our Superheroes topic by dressing as our favourite heroes. The children looked fantastic and completed many superhero challenges throughout the day! We are really excited for this topic as we discuss real-life heroes, write our own stories and design our own superhero.
The Gruffalos have worked incredibly hard this week and this is just the start of the term!

Becoming the Gruffalos!

In the first exciting week of Year 1, we became the Gruffalos. We talked about what it means to be a team, what year 1 would include and enjoyed some activities based around the Gruffalo story. The children made some masks of the main characters from the story and acted out the story in groups. We took our learning even further by using the orchard to create the Gruffalo cave from the Gruffalo's Child story. The children have been so enthusiastic about the story and have given the activities their all.




What a fabulous morning we've had in Borrowers designing and making bath bombs and potions. The children were all so enthusiastic and can't wait to enjoy their baths later. The classroom smells gorgeous!


I hope you've had an enjoyable Easter break and are all keen to get back to school. Please find attached the newsletter and homework options for this term.

Volcano Cake

This delicious piece of homework was a welcome gift before our Golden Moment today. A brilliant explanation was given of how the cake was made before the lava flowed out of the centre. Seconds tomorrow!

Bring and Buy Sale

A huge thank you to all the people who donated books to our Bring and Buy sale. The children loved looking through and choosing books. Younger readers were ably advised by the older children to help in their choice. We managed to raise over £75 (a phenomenal amount) to buy guided reading sets to keep us in the top 1% of the country for reading.

Spare books are going to be taken to a local children's charity.

Enjoying the Weather

Children across the school have loved playing with their friends in the snow - making huge snowballs, snowmen and snow angels. Of course, a little bit of snow wasn't going to stop children playing football. Once the snow melted, we've had great fun jumping in puddles.


We kicked off our new topic with a village walk looking at the different types of stone used in Appleton Roebuck. The children stayed cheerful despite the drizzle..

Attached is the homework for this term. Children can choose any two pieces to complete. The first is due on the 9th March and the final piece is due on the 23rd March. Homework books will be coming home today and due in on Fridays as normal. Thank you.


Meet our Junior Road Safety Officers whom I'm sure many of you have already encountered at the end of the school day. They will be checking that visitors are closing the gate, any children (and adults) will be dismounting bikes and scooters when on the school grounds and generally ensuring our pupils are kept safe. I'm sure you'll agree that they're doing a great job and are rightly proud of the responsibility that comes with the role.

Natural Dyes

The children have investigated how Vikings would have used natural dyes to colour their cloth. After collecting ingredients from the orchard, the children explored which dyes worked best before agreeing on the most successful. Groups have dyed lengths of string which will be made into jewellery to be 'sold' at our Trade Fair on Friday.


Appleton Roebuck Arts

Golden Tickets!

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, Mrs Commins hid golden tickets around the school. It created huge excitement as children searched high and low to find them. Pictured are the lucky winners in our fabulous school library. The children will soon be visiting a book shop with Mrs Commins and Ms Holmes to choose and buy the books for the school.