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Hungry Caterpillars


Beat Band Boogie

The BFG's have lost no time getting immersed in this half term's topic! We have designed and made our own percussion instruments. The children thought carefully about the filling of their instrument so that they had a high or low pitched shaker. Our instruments very much have a "carnival theme" and this is best represented with the bright colours the children chose to use. What do you think?

Getting To Know Each Other!

The first few days for the new BFG's was all about getting to know each other. We started the year off playing a team game with a difference - I'm sure you all heard about our marshmallow and spaghetti afternoon! I was amazed as I observed the children dive "head first" into this challenge, calling upon all the communication, listening, problem solving, stickability and perseverance skills they possess! Every team was successful and the room was filled with bright ideas, giggling and the occasional "Oh NO!"


Sports teams and clubs

The Golden Mile

What an end to our mini topic on the Olympics.

Miss Jackson introduced us to our Play Leaders in a special assembly. The children then spent the day in training so that they can 'run' the Golden Mile each lunchtime. A track will be set out, the lap measured and children will log the distance they run each time. Certificates are awarded from 10 miles and the ultimate challenge is to log 150 miles in an academic year. Lots of our budding Olympians have already set themselves this challenge!


School Council

Young Leaders Award Morning

Well done to our Young Leaders! Today they completed their awards and received their certificates during our Young Leaders Coffee Morning. It was lovely to see so many parents and family members at the event and we were very honoured to have Rozy Brian, a representative of the Youth Trust, to come and present the certificates.



Superhero homework

Attached is the homework sheet for this half term's topic.
Please complete the highlighted task by Friday 29th September so we can share our heroes as a class.
Please also choose one other task, which is to be completed by Friday 13th October.
Thank you, Mrs Campbell.

Launching our Superheroes topic

On Tuesday 12th September, we launched our Superheroes topic by dressing as our favourite heroes. The children looked fantastic and completed many superhero challenges throughout the day! We are really excited for this topic as we discuss real-life heroes, write our own stories and design our own superhero.
The Gruffalos have worked incredibly hard this week and this is just the start of the term!

Becoming the Gruffalos!

In the first exciting week of Year 1, we became the Gruffalos. We talked about what it means to be a team, what year 1 would include and enjoyed some activities based around the Gruffalo story. The children made some masks of the main characters from the story and acted out the story in groups. We took our learning even further by using the orchard to create the Gruffalo cave from the Gruffalo's Child story. The children have been so enthusiastic about the story and have given the activities their all.


Jigsaw Challenge

The Year 4 pupils had to pass a ball around a circle without letting it touch the floor. The challenge? They couldn't use their hands! After only a couple of attempts, the children managed it in record time. Great communication and a very proud teacher.

Power of Reading

All the Year 3 and Year 4 children spend Friday afternoons thinking about the Power of Reading. Children discussed their likes and dislikes about Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond. There was lots of group talk about what puzzled the children and links they could make with other texts. We had a brilliant time and can't wait to read on.

Food Chains

Children had the chance to use Computing in their Science work this afternoon when they got to create electronic food chains. A quiz ensured they are starting to use the correct terminology. Purple Mash is becoming a class favourite.


Children have started to design their own games on Purple Mash. This is also available for pupils to use at home and is best accessed through the link on the home page of the school website.


It's really lovely to see so many enthusiastic faces in Borrowers class this year. The children have settled into school beautifully and are very excited about our new topic.
Please find attached our first newsletter of the year along with the homework for this half term.

Appleton Roebuck Arts

Wind in the Willows

Tickets are now on sale for our summer production of Wind in the Willows. Priced at £3 each, available for the 6pm performance on Monday 17th July and the 2pm and 6pm performances on Tuesday 18th July. Weather permitting, this will be an outdoor production - picnic blankets optional!