Class 4

Le Café Français

On Tuesday, the Kingfishers had the chance to practice their French skills in our French Cafe. They took turns to order their chosen foods by speaking only French, and to take and serve orders for their friends. They had the chance to try baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolate, brie, camembert.....and snails! Some of the children were feeling very adventurous, and Mrs Grant too!
Well done Kingfishers...Très bien!

Able Writers

Today, our Y6 pupils Hannah and James went to Riverside school for their third Able Writers event.
They had the opportunity to meet and work with Nick Toczek, a writer from Bradford who writes poetry books, novels, magazine articles and songs, as well as presenting a radio show and doing magic tricks!

The life of a Sikh

Our Kingfishers have been learning about the Sikh faith and exploring what is means to be a Sikh. On Thursday 8th June, we had a visit from Suki Mathara. She told us what it was like to practise Sikhism and gave us an insight into what her family do as part of their faith. We learned about the 5 K's that Sikhs wear and special places that they visit. The children asked some insightful questions, showing a great deal of respect, and they could later remember a lot of facts about Sikhism. Well done Kingfishers and thank you to Suki for coming to visit us!


For our final term we are stepping back into the Victorian era and the start of the industrial revolution. The homework sheet is attached.

Please also see the attached newsletter for information and important dates.

All Done!

Thank you so much to our very kind parents (and Governor) for inviting the Year 6 pupils for milkshakes and treats to celebrate the end of their assessments. The sugar intake has definitely contributed to an afternoon filled with energy!


Finishing off our first Power of Reading text, children were either 'the' varmint or one that had been left behind. Lots of questions needed answering. The children were surprised at how many activities were produced by a picture book. We're now putting together a display for the hall.

Our Allotment

We visited our allotment to make sure that our plants were growing. We weeded the beds and turned the soil before watering the vegetables. We were amazed to see that the radishes were already visible.