Class 3


In the second half of the Spring term, we studied life in 1066. We spent time looking at the events which led up to the Battle of Hastings, wrote poetry to describe life on the battlefield and read 'I was there 1066' by Jim Eldridge. The children were truly enthralled by the topic and many interviewed their parents about what they could remember about 1066.

Burps, bottoms and bile!

Our first Spring topic was Burps, Bottoms and Bile. What an amazing topic!

The children learnt all about their teeth, digestive system and the journey of food through their bodies. Not only did we look at the human digestive system but the class also became researchers to investigate animal digestive systems. They found a number of similarities to our digestive system but also some interesting differences.

Ready and Raring to go!

We have had the best night of sleep ever - in fact, so good that we had to be woken this morning. The teachers said we have been amazing. We are just eating our breakfast, then off for some more adventures. We are really glad we packed warm things - it is -2 degrees. We will tell you more later. Bye for now! Bluebirds