Panto Day in Robins!

We started out new topic in Robins with a fantastic pantomime day in out own classroom!

The children were asked to come dressed as their favourite traditional tale or fairy tale character and boy did they not disappoint! We had several princesses, pirates and even three wolves to chase down Little Red Riding Hood!

This children were able to watch two pantomimes; Jack and the Beanstalk and then Alice in Wonderland and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, getting involved in the pantomimes and even booing the bad guy!

Our Woodland Adventure

Class One had an amazing time on our Woodland Adventure on 22nd June.
We sat around the campfire listening to the story of 'The Bog Baby', before making our own bog babies using resources from the forest. They were fantastic!
We then made shelters for our bog babies using bark, twigs and other natural materials. We had to test our shelters were waterproof and most of them stayed dry!


We used the internet and books to find out how big the dinosaurs really were. We used a trundle wheel to measure out different dinosaurs lengths on the playground. Just look how huge they really were!
The T-Rex was 12m long.
The Stegosaurus was 7m long.
The Diplodocus was over 27m long! That nearly covered the playground!


On Thursday 4th February we had a visit from Dinostar Museums curator, Mr Plater. We enjoyed a day of exciting, interactive workshops where we found out about the lives and fossils of various dinosaurs. We had the chance to get up close with a real Triceratops leg bone, a real dinosaur egg, a replica T-Rex footprint and a replica Allosaurus skull, along with many other fossils we could handle. We created rubbings of various fossils and made our own using plaster.