The Dig and Jorvik.

The Borrowers had a brilliant day experiencing a Viking battle tactics workshop and excavating a site as part of our new topic. The children had lots of interesting and exciting questions ready for the experts but couldn't quite believe the artefacts were real.

Traders and Raiders

We welcome the children back to school with a very exciting new topic.

Attached is the newsletter and homework. Children can choose ANY 2 pieces of homework. The first should be handed in on Friday 19th January and the second piece on Friday 2nd February.

We also welcome Mrs Wilkinson into Borrowers this term. She will be teaching alongside Ms Holmes and we hope she enjoys her time with us.

Making Submarines.

What a fun afternoon we've had in Borrowers. After looking at the inventions of Cornelius Drebbel, children had the opportunity of making their own submarines and investigating whether they would work. We look forward tp sharing our models with you at our next golden moment.

Deep Sea Diving

Borrowers were incredibly lucky to be visited by Mr. Hartley who fascinated us all with his knowledge of diving. The children had the opportunity to try on some of the diving equipment and learned how to talk underwater. They asked lots of thoughtful questions. Parents have also told me that their children shared the things that they'd learned. A huge thank you to Mr. Hartley for sharing his experiences with us.


A huge thank you to Mrs Shah-Evans for inviting the Borrowers to join her for Diwali celebrations.

The children had a brilliant morning making Diwali cards, tasting Indian food and making samosas. Quite a few children surprised themselves by eating and enjoying food that they hadn't tried before.

Thanks also to Mrs Thompson and Mrs Watson who assisted.

Blue Abyss

Please find attached the homework activities and newsletter for our new topic.

The compulsory piece of homework is marked by an asterisk. Children may choose any other two pieces. The homework can be completed and handed in in any order.

Homework is due in on Friday 10th November, Friday 24th November and Friday 8th December.

Grammar books and Maths books are to be handed in every Friday. The page to be completed is noted in the children's planners.

The Deep

The Borrowers had a fabulous time at the Deep yesterday exploring predatory marine animals. It was a great end to our Predator topic and the perfect introduction to our Blue Abyss topic.