Tribal Tales

We're very excited about our new topic - Tribal Tales - which will take us back to the Stone Age (no internet!)

Attached are our newsletter and homework details. Grammar and maths books will still be coming home on Monday. Please return to school on Friday for marking.


What a fabulous morning we've had in Borrowers designing and making bath bombs and potions. The children were all so enthusiastic and can't wait to enjoy their baths later. The classroom smells gorgeous!


I hope you've had an enjoyable Easter break and are all keen to get back to school. Please find attached the newsletter and homework options for this term.

Volcano Cake

This delicious piece of homework was a welcome gift before our Golden Moment today. A brilliant explanation was given of how the cake was made before the lava flowed out of the centre. Seconds tomorrow!

Bring and Buy Sale

A huge thank you to all the people who donated books to our Bring and Buy sale. The children loved looking through and choosing books. Younger readers were ably advised by the older children to help in their choice. We managed to raise over £75 (a phenomenal amount) to buy guided reading sets to keep us in the top 1% of the country for reading.

Spare books are going to be taken to a local children's charity.

Enjoying the Weather

Children across the school have loved playing with their friends in the snow - making huge snowballs, snowmen and snow angels. Of course, a little bit of snow wasn't going to stop children playing football. Once the snow melted, we've had great fun jumping in puddles.


We kicked off our new topic with a village walk looking at the different types of stone used in Appleton Roebuck. The children stayed cheerful despite the drizzle..

Attached is the homework for this term. Children can choose any two pieces to complete. The first is due on the 9th March and the final piece is due on the 23rd March. Homework books will be coming home today and due in on Fridays as normal. Thank you.


Meet our Junior Road Safety Officers whom I'm sure many of you have already encountered at the end of the school day. They will be checking that visitors are closing the gate, any children (and adults) will be dismounting bikes and scooters when on the school grounds and generally ensuring our pupils are kept safe. I'm sure you'll agree that they're doing a great job and are rightly proud of the responsibility that comes with the role.