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Welcome back to the children. This term we'll be viewing the night skies - not just for fireworks but also for stars and planets as part of our new topic. Please find attached the newsletter and homework sheet. I'm sure you'll spot the deliberate mistake. Homework is due on Friday 16th November, Friday 30th November and Friday 14th December and not the dates written on the sheet. I can only blame a long half term for my error.

Tournament Winners!

Congratulations to our Year 5 team who won the football tournament held at Riverside. We were incredibly proud of both teams and Mrs O'Sullivan could not wait to share the news with staff and pupils back at school.

Swimming, Rugby and Football

Just a reminder for parents that swimming lessons for our year 1 and year 2 children commence on Monday 10th September. Any children in years 3 - 6 who would benefit from lessons are also able to go in the autumn term. Please ask your class teacher for a letter and payment details.

Letters will be going out soon to children in KS2 interested in joining the York City Knights after-school Rugby club. This will start at 3.15pm on Tuesday 11th September. YCK do ask that payment is made on the first session. Thank you.

Darwin's Delights

Welcome back to our Year 5 and Year 6 children.

Please find attached the newsletter and homework sheets that the children will be given on their return to school. Children can choose any 3 pieces of topic homework to be handed in on Friday 21st September, Friday 5th October and Friday 19th October.

Tribal Tales

We're very excited about our new topic - Tribal Tales - which will take us back to the Stone Age (no internet!)

Attached are our newsletter and homework details. Grammar and maths books will still be coming home on Monday. Please return to school on Friday for marking.


What a fabulous morning we've had in Borrowers designing and making bath bombs and potions. The children were all so enthusiastic and can't wait to enjoy their baths later. The classroom smells gorgeous!


I hope you've had an enjoyable Easter break and are all keen to get back to school. Please find attached the newsletter and homework options for this term.

Volcano Cake

This delicious piece of homework was a welcome gift before our Golden Moment today. A brilliant explanation was given of how the cake was made before the lava flowed out of the centre. Seconds tomorrow!