Beat Band Boogie

The BFG's have lost no time getting immersed in this half term's topic! We have designed and made our own percussion instruments. The children thought carefully about the filling of their instrument so that they had a high or low pitched shaker. Our instruments very much have a "carnival theme" and this is best represented with the bright colours the children chose to use. What do you think?

Getting To Know Each Other!

The first few days for the new BFG's was all about getting to know each other. We started the year off playing a team game with a difference - I'm sure you all heard about our marshmallow and spaghetti afternoon! I was amazed as I observed the children dive "head first" into this challenge, calling upon all the communication, listening, problem solving, stickability and perseverance skills they possess! Every team was successful and the room was filled with bright ideas, giggling and the occasional "Oh NO!"